What’s behind fashion’s obsession with metallics?

The latest essay in my ON TRENDS series unpacks why high shine fabrics, shimmering textures and all-over sequins are taking over runways, red carpets and sidewalks—day and night.

“2023’s must-have accessory? Protective sunglasses. Given the current state of fashion, we are all officially at risk of being blinded by shine. Sequins, crystals, lamé, gloss, satin and metallics — silver in particular — have had a commanding presence in fashion since 2021, but the obsession with reflection has reached incredible new heights on runways, red carpets and sidewalks alike this season.

Beyoncé, Lizzo and Harry Styles are among the many stars who gave us all-metallic-everything get ups at the Grammys, and the Oscars predictably followed suit. Jamie Lee Curtis, Jessica Chastain and Malala Yousafzai were all serving silver-surfer, and even men’s suits came with memorable embellishments. While the appeal of shimmer and shine is always at play in fashion, what feels unique in 2023 is the quantity and commitment to it. Sparkle is no longer the icing on the cake, but the main sartorial affair.”

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