Brutalismus 3000: “The secret ingredient is controversy”

“If Berlin’s music scene had a Bonnie and Clyde duo, it would be Victoria Vassiliki Daldas and Theo Zeitner, who are better known collectively as Brutalismus 3000. Unlike their power-couple predecessors, Daldas and Zeitner don’t rob banks. Instead, they have raked in millions of streams and amassed eyebrow-raising record sales while subtly trolling the industry. As the 21st-century incarnation of two mischievous strategists in love, this power couple hacked the algorithm and launched themselves into the uppermost echelon of techno stardom—seemingly overnight. Everything they have aggregated has been fairly earned by a couple who are deeply attuned to the zeitgeist. In forming Brutalismus 3000 in 2019, Daldas and Zeitner anticipated the infamous “vibe shift” bolstered by a new generation.”

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