Lancey Foux’s purple reign

“When the enigmatic British rapper LANCEY FOUX drops a new album, the buildup and excitement are reminiscent of that created by a best-selling fantasy author. In late October, Lancey handed over the next stage in his musical saga to his voracious listeners. The 22-track sonic narrative, titled Life in Hell, is set in a world of far-out samples, layered with lyrical twists and turns, and filled with emotional cliffhangers. On release day, Foux invited fans in New York to physically experience the world of the album. Concertgoers were invited to a repurposed synagogue on the Lower East Side outfitted with a labyrinth, where papers with Foux’s hand-written lyrics scattered the floor and demonic dancers patrolled the halls. Lancey took the stage as the sovereign demon, with his skin painted lilac and his irises an unnatural, icy blue. Pointed, prosthetic ears peeked out from his braids as he commanded a sea of jumping people. When Lancey and the crowd chanted his chorus, “I set the world on fire,” the entire building appeared to shake.”

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