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I ate the worst salad of my life in the name of art

Can you pinpoint the worst salad you’ve ever eaten? I can. And no, I did not attend Fyre Festival in 2017. Rather, I attended the new Darren Bader show at the Whitney Museum.

Bader is best known for his 2012 piece “Lasagna on Heroin,” which is exactly what it sounds like: a piece of lasagna injected with heroin. His (equally aptly titled) new Whitney show is “Fruits, Vegetables; Fruit and Vegetable Salad.” For the exhibition, Bader has turned the 8th floor of the museum into a fine-art farmers’ market that you can visit now through February 17. Over 40 different fresh fruits and vegetables — “nature’s impeccable sculpture,” as he calls them — are presented on wooden plinths. Those who feel the New York restaurant scene is already guilty of putting cauliflower on too high a pedestal, be warned.

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