Inter-generational style wars

When TikTokers @julia3elle and @amelie_coleman_ shared what they thought to be humorous videos saying they’d rather be homeless or die than wear a pair of skinny jeans, they did far more than attack a trouser style they find unflattering. They, alongside TikToker @missladygleep, who, in a far more innocuous viral video, said “Prove me wrong, but I don’t think there’s a single person that looks better with side part[ed hair] than a middle part,” helped transform a simmering rivalry into an app-wide, inter-generational style war. 

Online, Generation Z (ages 9-24) has been criticising numerous aspects of mainstream Millennial (ages 25-40) style, namely their affections for side-parted hair and skinny jeans. In the process they have unleashed a tidal wave of sassy, self-conscious and downright spiteful reactions from Millennials. The trending dispute is so impassioned, not due to a lifelong allegiance to the particular jeans or hairstyle in question, but because the accusation of being outdated has forced Millennials to face an uncomfortable truth: there’s been a transfer of generational power.

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