Hollywood magic: the LA psychics keeping belief alive

LA is brimming with the commodification of belief. Old school fortune tellers and new age oracles promise the definitive revelation of destiny—if you can afford it. For INDIE FW2022, Cassidy George and photographer Phil Donohue take a look beyond the neon signs and beaded curtains.

On trendy La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood—sandwiched between LA’s famous hotdog shop, Pink’s, and vintage store Jet Rag—sits The Spiritual House of Crystal’s Intuition. The psychic shop is housed in a small white building with black and white striped awnings. In its windows, neon signs bear the words “Astrology” and “Alchemist” in cursive script. Outside, a red carpet lined with velvet ropes beckons customers from the dirty pavement into a small room.

Inside, an oversized baroque chair is stationed behind a desk littered with spiritual knick-knacks—a pentagram-carved pyramid candle, a crystal ball, and every colour of quartz imaginable—tools which presumably aid in healing, or add ambiance. Here, the psychic menu includes an “Aura Cleansing” session for $325, a “Commitment and Love Binding” session for $575, or a 21-day-long “Love Reunity Program” for $1175. Its signage reads: “Welcome to the spiritual house of famous spiritualists, where expert mediums answer your pressing questions.”

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