The New York Times

Care to wear floral on your buzzcut?

Salons in Los Angeles County have been closed to the public since Dec. 3, but for social-media-savvy stylists like Amanda Lyberger, a colorist known for her eye-catching rainbow looks, the show must go on.

In Thair Salon, her otherwise abandoned place of employment in the warehouse district of downtown Los Angeles, Ms. Lyberger, 28, recently gave her girlfriend, a tattoo artist named Blue Poulin, 22, a “hair tattoo.”

Over three hours, Ms. Lyberger used hair dye to paint a colorful graphic (inspired by a pair of patterned pants from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) onto Ms. Poulin’s bleached buzz cut as if it were a canvas. After a wash, she used a pair of clippers to outline and enhance the geometric shapes she created, allowing Ms. Poulin to “wear” a retro print on her head.

The painstaking art of hair tattooing is one of impermanence. In just a week, the hair will grow and blur the design, and in four weeks, the blue, pink and yellow dye will have faded. Ms. Poulin spent her hours in the chair documenting the transformation for TikTok, where the video Ms. Lyberger shared has already been watched 140,000 times.

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