Cassidy George is a Berlin-based freelance culture writer. She has contributed features to 25 different publications, including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Vogue, GQ, The Cut, W, BBC, Dazed, i-D and Vice. She was previously digital editor at 032c

About Cassidy George

Cassidy George is from New Orleans, where she spent her teenage years studying Media Arts (audio production and filmmaking) at NOCCA, before attending NYU, where she studied art history, political science and critical theory. She moved to Berlin in 2017, where she began her writing career at SLEEK. In 2021, she joined 032c’s editorial team, where she worked as Digital Editor. She has since returned to her freelance writing career.
On assignment, Cassidy has downed White Russians with Elvis impersonators for The New York Times, dodged rubber bullets at BLM protests for W, listened to unreleased Gqom music in South African taxis for PAPER, befriended bisexual pirates for GQ and helped reunite the members of America’s first Black punk band for Dazed. Though she writes across disciplines, the stories she tells are connected by a fascination with counterculture, and a desire to understand how history, politics and power structures shape every aspect of our culture––from the selfies we take, to the clothing we wear and the lyrics we sing.

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